This project is supported by a team of individuals from several institutions, including Colorado College, UW-Milwaukee, Princeton University, Rectorat de Versailles (France), and Bennington College. As an institution, Colorado College largely supports the technical components of this project, including Nodegoat (the database platform).

The primary future project goals include: (1) Continuing the on-going process of collecting digital copies of the police documents (2) Completing and publishing this website (3) Completing data entry for the 1781 documents and reviewing all entries (4) Completing the handbook on data entry and database use (5) Pubishing a manipulable dababase for 1781.

This project began in 2016, when the original project team gathered at Colorado College for the 2016 Digital Liberal Arts Week. Since then, the project has developed ... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, vel et audiam pertinacia, mei suscipit repudiandae ne. Sea solum qualisque reprehendunt ad, nec audire iracundia in audiam pertinacia meisus.

The members of the Policing Homosexuality research team have written about and presented on the project in a variety of venues for several years. This list of scholarship on the project is updated frequently.

The members of the Policing Homosexuality research team are grateful to a number of institutions and indivduals for their support of this project.