Maggie Shields

“I bought [my car named] Cassie in Seattle – I’m from Baltimore, so I had to drive all the way back. [On the way,] I accidentally launched my car onto a giant rock. Then, I was stuck in Montana [waiting for new parts]. [So,] my mom and I got a rental car so we could continue adventuring. The day we were supposed to drive back two hours to where my car was, we couldn’t find the car keys. My mom had accidentally put the car keys through the wash [in our hotel] and all of our laundry had been stolen. We lost the car keys, had to get that car towed, had to get a new rental car, and ended up being stuck for another night. [Cassie still] tends to break down – I say she’s sassy. Sometimes she just doesn’t feel like working – you just wait it out and then Cassie works again. It’s pretty fun!” – Maggie Shields, ‘22

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