This project, based on thousands of police records located in several Parisian repositories, involves the creation of an interactive database that will allow students and scholars to analyze patterns and changes in same-sex relations from the 1720s to the 1780s. We want not only to explore, describe, and visualize the sodomitical subculture on its own terms but also to connect it with the larger society in many ways: immigration, age and class structures, employment and unemployment, gender, urban space, prostitution, public and private matters, social control and personal agency.


Information about the documents in the database, including several annotated examples of the different document types.


Collection of short essays that contextualize the documents, including articles on law, politics, and culture in 18th-century France.


Full glossary that includes definitions and historical context for words repeatedly used in the police documents.


Comprehensive bibliography with over 400 sources on the history of homosexuality in early modern France.

Read about the software and the methodology behind the database.

Find past versions of the data and see what has changed in the new version.

Watch videos and download PDFs with information on using the database.