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Delaney Weiss ‘21
Major: Computer Science

Delaney Weiss ‘21
Major: Computer Science

Through the Colorado College Edge Internship Program, I was part of a team of software engineer interns at Cisco’s Denver office exploring the possibilities of machine learning in 5G networks. In the first couple of weeks, we were tasked with learning all we could about 5G. Our manager warned us that we would be thrown in the deep end and expected to swim, and he was right. Once we got our feet under us with 5G and had a little familiarity with Cisco’s culture, we were asked to pitch and then follow through on a project of our own design, the work for which would stretch through the entirety of our internship. With our manager acting as a resource and guide, we worked together in order to rise to the challenge.

Cisco, Denver, CO

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