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Exponential Impact

Lauren Weiss ‘21
Major: Computer Science & Political Science Double Major

Lauren Weiss ‘21
Major: Computer Science & Political Science Double Major

Through the Colorado College Edge Internship Program, I worked for Exponential Impact as a Software Development Intern. Although the internship was conducted mostly remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the summer was a fast-paced, fun, and dynamic period of time. Not only did the internship provide me deep insight into the startup world and the life of an entrepreneur, but it also helped me gain access to a growing network of mentors, founders, and community leaders. Exponential Impact is committed to tailoring the internship to the goals of the intern, ensuring that the intern receives the support they need to be successful, and helping the intern grow their network and connection to the entrepreneurial community in Colorado Springs. I can confidently say that the internship helped me become a more creative thinker and innovator, as well as a more flexible and efficient worker.

Exponential Impact, Colorado Springs, CO

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