2020 Projects

The Nature Conservancy

Mia Dorris ‘22
Majors: Psychology & Economics

Mia Dorris ‘21
Majors: Psychology & Economics

This summer I worked as an intern for The Nature Conservancy in Boulder, Colorado.  Through this internship, I advanced my skills evaluating and analyzing environmental and energy policy. Over the summer, I provided policy analysis on US western water plans and California’s natural and working lands. I created a report which examined the conflict between biodiversity and energy development. I also developed an economic model examining the cost benefits of distributed versus utility scale renewable generation. This was my first time working remotely, so I learned how to work in a very different environment than in previous jobs. I am really grateful for this summer experience because I was able to further my understanding and skills in policy analysis and economic modeling to contribute to better understanding of climate and land use policy.  A highlight of the internship was working with mentors who have similar interests in the area field of environmental conservation!

The Nature Conservancy
Boulder, CO

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