This website is home to a growing collection of archives, story maps, and websites created by students in HY200 Topics in History: Digital History/Public History Practicum. Archival research helps students develop an intimate knowledge of the history of their surroundings while bringing attention to those items that have been left out of the archives, our work here is to create a growing archive. This growing archive helps those who contribute to and consume it a better understanding of the place they inhabit, and helps us to develop key relationships between identity and place that act to enhance and deepen both meaning and understanding of sense of place. We welcome submissions from scholars, students, and community members who if interested should contact Jane Murphy and Jennifer Golightly about the process by which they can contribute to the archive.

This website is the end project of HY200 Topics in History: Digital History/Public History Practicum class. Through archival research in the Colorado College Special Collections students in this class created an idea for a research project centered on sense of place at Colorado College. They chose one source to write a paper on and analyzed these sources in depth in conjunction with scholarly sources. These papers helped them build on their ideas for their project and create an argument. These papers were later turned into these digital projects.

Throughout the course students learned the basics of public history and examined databases and books to learn more about the study. They focused their efforts towards understanding which methods of presenting public history were effective and which were less effective for certain types of information. This helped them to choose a digital design that would present their information successfully. The students also read Trouillot’s Silencing the Past in order to understand the biases and silences that already exist in sources, archives, narratives, and history to help them understand gaps in their own topics. These understandings of history theory, digital history, archival work and sense of place all contributed to the final projects presented on this website.

If you wish to visit another growing archive please follow this link, https://www.coloradocollege.edu/other/untoldstories/. Untold Stories is a growing collection of the stories of marginalized peoples at Colorado College, their contribution does the all important work of deconstructing silence in historical knowledge production.